First Aid & CPR Training Course

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First Aid & CPR Training Course


In this training program participants is trained in First Aid, Knowledge about “How to Help” people who are suddenly sick (illnesses), hurt (injury or body damage), including medical emergencies, prior / until they receive medical treatment (help by Doctor, Nurses or Paramedics).

Medical emergencies can happen anywhere, anytime with anyone. The participants also learn to perform CPR and use an AED during a cardiac arrest.

CPR & First Aid training prepares the participants to respond to life threatening emergencies such as Heart Attack, Cardiac Arrest, Stroke / Brain Attack and choking as well as to commonly occurring everyday medical, trauma & environmental emergencies.

Training Duration
  • 01 Day
  • Certification: BRiO Healthcare
  • Validity: 1 Year

Course Description
  • Scene and safety assessment
  • Basic Life support technique (CPR)
  • First aid (Cuts, Burns, Fracture, Poisoning etc.)
  • Medical emergencies (Heart Attack, Stroke, Cardiac arrest etc.)
  • Trauma care – Injuries of all types

Participants will through
  • Lectures & Demonstration
  • Audio / Video presentation
  • Discussions and interactions
  • Repeated practice of CPR on Dummy / Manikins
  • Lifting, Splinting and Bandaging techniques.


Person who don’t work in healthcare sector but occupationally required to life saving skill, such as Emergency response teams, mountaineers, Security personnel, Fire department personnel, Public works employees, Lifeguards, Gym instructors, Airline Personnel, Teachers and adventure professionals.