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Brio Sanitary Pads

Brio Sanitary Pads

BRIO sanitary pads are made up of extremely soft and double perforated top sheet which enables faster absorbency that helps to keep you dry. Its optimal embossing design is quilted to absorb fast and keep fluid away from your body so you can stay fresh for up to 8 to 10 hours. Our unique technology is designed to quickly pull moisture away from your body to provide a fresh feeling that lasts all day. Longer and wide back design for added protection while laying down and getting up for discreet incontinence coverage. Breathable long Sanitary pad made with cotton has a front to back adhesive strip to help keep Sanitary pad in place.

Product Key Features

  • RASHFREE: No prints or perfume on the top layer to avoid rashes Pads are
  • Chemical free
  • Leakage Proof: Wider backs for better coverage
  • Overnight sanitary pad specially crafted for your heavy flows and for our planet
  • This is a biodegradable product and is individually wrapped in disposable bags
  • Double Perforated Topsheet enables faster absorbancy that helps to keep you dry.
  • ABSORBANT CORE - The Quik-Dry core locks in fluids faster and keeps you fresher than before.


  • Super Liquid Absorption
  • Super Air Permeable Layer
  • Biggest Protection
  • No harmful Health Effect
  • Without Chemical
  • Anti-Bacterial Effect

BRIO Sanitary Pad Ultimate 8 Layer Protection

Brio Sanitary Pads